A cherished tradition known as the ‘Moment of Dedication to Agios Konstantinos.’

My story unfolded on a memorable day, the twenty-first of May 2023, with a promise of adventure hanging in the air.


At the first light of dawn I stood among a group of early risers  gathered at Mirties harbour , our destination, a short boat crossing to Telendos, then onward to the mystical bay of Saint Konstantin. Our boat, patiently bobbing in the gentle morning waves, beckoned us aboard, the priest, a beacon of spirituality, arrived, marking the beginning of our sacred journey. In no time, we swelled to a group of twenty-five, everyone in anticipation of the adventure, & religious ceremony which lay ahead.


The day was a canvas of changing moods, adorned with clouds that whispered secrets and a humidity that clung to the skin. After a brief, captivating ten-minute crossing, we made a pause at the Telendos jetty to allow ten more souls to join us, along with provisions for the forthcoming church service. We sailed onward finding anchor in a secluded bay, nestled beneath the winding path leading to Saint Konstantin.


The sunrise, painted the heavens with hues of gold, greeting us, casting an awe-inspiring glow over the ancient ruins scattered all around us. The remnants of a medieval castle, a testament to an era long past, hinted at the resilience of its inhabitants against the menace of pirates. In that moment, a profound sense of wonder settled upon us, urging contemplation of the lost chapters of history, erased by the cruel hands of seismic upheavals.


Amidst this historical reverie, and above us, the chapel of Saint Agios Konstantinos; a beacon of faith against the backdrop of the awakening day, a steep climb, the young assisting the elders. The scene was almost surreal  as the service commenced, bathed in the gentle light of the morning sun, nothing short of magical, a tapestry of beauty and spirituality that unshackled our hearts and set our spirits free.


In a quiet corner, a fire crackled, its warmth embracing the chilly morning air. Here, the Kalymnian meal, steeped in tradition and significance, was prepared. The church service concluded, and plates laden with cheese, eggs, and bread were shared among the assembled congregation, binding us together in the spirit of community and gratitude.


With the taste of the divine lingering on our tongues, I ventured higher, ascending the rocky path beyond the settled trail. From the heights of Telendos, I gazed upon the ancient settlement below, its layout unfolding like a story waiting to be told. In those moments, I felt a profound connection with the past, understanding the strategic position chosen by our ancestors to build their homes and lives.


Eager to capture the essence of this extraordinary experience, I snapped quick photographs, freezing the fleeting moments in time. Then, with a heart brimming with exhilaration, I raced down the slope, a sprint fuelled by the fear of missing the boat’s return. The clock struck ten, yet within me, a tranquil oasis had formed, a sanctuary filled with serene images and indelible memories. Every detail etched in my mind painted a portrait of unparalleled peace and tranquillity, a masterpiece crafted by the hands of nature and spirituality.


Dear reader, you must embark on this sacred journey at least once in your lifetime. Only then can you truly comprehend the wonders of this paradise on earth, a place so surreal yet undeniably real, where the soul finds solace amidst the beauty of creation.


Story: Stathis Klimis   Brian Glanville

Photographs: Stathis Klimis

The Agios Konstantinos Collection

Arrival Agios Konstantinos

The Departure