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The ‘Moments’ Storyboard: Documented Stories of Kalymnos, with associated Photographic Galleries.
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The Moments Collections


The Vathy valley is a true paradise for those who seek a connection with nature, with its unspoiled landscapes and crystal-clear waters……………….

The mystery & legend of the fortified monastery of Kyra Psili – “hidden in the mountains”– its rampart frontage built into the entrance of a cave on a rock face of Mt. Koukoúla.

mooring in the small bay below the path on Telendos to Agios Konstantinos. Slowly, the whole procession started uphill: the sunrise from the side of Kalymnos is something that one must see,

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A reflection of Pothia Harbour

Still water crossing to Telendo

The Moments Collections


I had already prepared my backpack, with all the necessary equipment: camera, tripod, snacks, water; best not delay!. The weather report talked about an unprecedented cold front touching our area for the first time in years, possibly bringing snow

A magical walk at dawn through the narrow streets of  Pothia down towards the harbour, through the streets & alleyways, overlooked by  bowed iron clad balconies adorned with pots and flowers,  back 50 years in time …..

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Nestling in the cerulean embrace of the Aegean Sea, the island of Kalymnos has long been a bastion of tradition and maritime heritage. At the heart of this heritage lies the captivating tale of the sponge divers of Kalymnos, a community that once epitomized resilience, courage, and a deep connection with the sea.